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NovaSure Specialist

Lakeshore Women's Specialists, PC

OB-GYNs located in Mooresville, NC

Lakeshore Women's Specialists, PC, serves many North Carolina residents, including those who live in Davidson, Lake Norman, Huntersville and Mooresville. The providers at Lakeshore Women’s Specialists specialize in the use of NovaSure® and Minerva® endometrial ablation to treat conditions like heavy bleeding.

NovaSure Q & A

What is NovaSure®?

The NovaSure® procedure takes only five minutes to perform and only requires one treatment. During the procedure, the endometrial lining of the uterus is thermally destroyed. Women who have abnormally heavy periods can benefit from the procedure because it eliminates the source of the blood flow. This is normally a last resort for most women. Women who are still wanting to have children should avoid this procedure. The NovaSure® procedure can be performed in the doctor's office and does not require extensive preparation. There are no incisions and a woman can begin to resume her normal schedule of activities within a few days following the procedure.

Does NovaSure® Have Side Effects?

NovaSure® may cause mild side effects. Even though no incisions are made, the procedure does involve the ablation of the endometrial tissue that lines the uterus. This may lead to an infection, but with proper care, the risk of infection can be dramatically reduced. The patient may experience pain for the first few days after the procedure, but that will diminish as the uterus begins to heal. Spotting and mild irregular bleeding may also be present for the first few days after the procedure. In some cases, the patient may also experience vomiting and severe nausea. Each patient will react differently to the procedure, some having no symptoms at all.

When Will a Woman Benefit From the NovaSure® Procedure?

Women who have abnormally heavy bleeding with each period may receive relief from the procedure. In some cases, women who experience severe abdominal cramping in addition to the heavy flow may get some relief from the procedure. Because of the invasive nature of the procedure, women who have recurring pelvic or urinary infections should avoid the procedure. The doctor will not recommend this procedure for patients who are at risk for various reproductive cancers. It is an ideal procedure for women who want to avoid the heavy bleeding each month, but are hesitant to get a complete hysterectomy.

What is Minerva® Ablation?

Minerva® is another one-time procedure that helps resolve heavy bleeding. The procedure is safe and permanent results can be achieved in just a few minutes. During a Minerva®  procedure, a device is inserted by the provider into a woman’s uterus and heat is used to ablate the endometrial tissue. At Lakeshore Women’s Specialists, providers will consult each patient on suggested treatment options to resolve heavy menstrual bleeding. A variety of factors and health conditions need to be considered so it is important to discuss endometrial ablation with a trusted healthcare provider in more detail.

We accept most insurance plans, with co-payments due at the time service is rendered. Please check with your insurance plan to obtain a list of participating providers. We will be more than happy to discuss any insurance questions you may have.